• Octopus Pickle (Vindaye) Recipe – Homemade

    Octopus Pickle (Vindaye) Recipe   Octopus Pickle (Vindaye) Recipe is very famous in Mauritius. Vindaye is very common in Mauritius and in fact, w

    How To Make Coleslaw – The Easiest Way

    Coleslaw Recipe Coleslaw is very easy and also very rapid to make. Sometimes, it happens that you do not want to eat a full meal and you just want to

    Homemade Roasted Chicken Recipe

    Roasted Chicken Recipe Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia In this recipe, I have made a mixture of spices, fine herbs, lemon and honey. The combination h

    Homemade Tandoori Chicken Recipe

    Tandoori Chicken Recipe Photo Credit: Myself Tandoori Chicken is very tasty and is great to have with either Safrane Rice or Bread along with Fresh

    Homemade Special Fried Eggs Recipe

    Special Fried Eggs Recipe This Special Fried Eggs is very tasty and nourishing too. It is a homemade one and I am going to share the same with you

    Homemade Chinese Fried Noodles

    Chinese Fried Noodles Image Credit: Myself Noodles are thin strips which are made from flour. They are very common in China as this is a special dish