•  Refreshing Blueberry Lassi


    Are you wondering of how to prepare refreshing Blueberry Lassi?

    Well, it is very easy to prepare. In fact, Blueberry Lassi is a refreshing drink. During summer, it is mostly included in parties such as beach parties mostly. Lassi normally is a very nutritious drink and good for the stomach as it is included with yoghurt which helps digestion. As it is very easy to prepare, so there is no struggling with this recipe. If you add fruits in the Lassi you are making, then they make the look of the drink more colourful, nutritious and flavourful too. For this recipe, you will need fresh blueberries.

    What are Blueberries?

    Blueberries are perennial flowering plants which at first are of green colour and then when they are ripe enough, the colour changes into dark blue. They are sold fresh in Supermarkets and Hypermarkets and you can prepare so many things with them, such as jam, wine, lassi, juice, cupcakes, cakes, jelly, pies and muffins. They are very nutritious as they can reduce risk of many diseases such as inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.



    So what you will need:


    2 cups of fresh Blueberries

    2/3 cup of Sugar

    3 cups of plain Yoghurt

    1 and a 1/2 cups of Iced Water

    1 cup of crushed Ice



    – Blend the blueberries and sugar in the blender.

    – Transfer the puree to a big bowl.

    – Let it freeze for 20 minutes.

    – Then, blend the yoghurt, water and ice.

    – Remove the blueberry puree from the fridge and add it to the yoghurt mixture.

    – Blend it until frothy.

    – Finally, serve in chilled glasses.


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