How To Make Delicious Jalebi

Jalebi Recipe


Jalebi Recipe

Delicious Jalebi Recipe


500 g white Flour
125 g Rice Flour
2 tbs of Gram Flour
1 packet of Instant Yeast
A pinch of Yellow Food Colour
3 cups of Sugar
5 cups of Water
Oil for deep frying


~ Add the white flour and yeast in a bowl and mix well with enough warm water to make a thick batter. The batter must be as pancake batter.

~ Keep the batter aside covered overnight.

~ Then, add the rice flour, gram flour and yellow colour and mix well.

~ Now, it’s time to make the syrup. For this, you will have to dilute the sugar in the water well and then boil till the syrup is ready. You will know it when it forms like a thread between your two fingers.

~ Heat oil in a saucepan.

~ Meanwhile, pour some of the batter in a squeeze bottle.

~ When the oil is hot enough, then pour the batter in spiral forms into it. It needs a bit of practice here in order to get the ideal form.

~ You must fry the jalebis until they are crispy.

~ Take them out and then drain out the excess oil with a paper towel.

~ Then, immediately when the jalebis are still hot put them in the syrup and leave to soak for a minute. Do not leave it too much in the syrup otherwise it will not remain that crispy.

~ Transfer them into a serving plate.



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