• Coffee Milkshake

    I know that many of you prefer to drink coffee more than tea. You even drink it often during the day too but it is necessary for you to drink it in moderation. In order to come out from your dark coffee habit, today, I am going to share with you the recipe which I love, ‘Coffee Milk Shake’. You definitely need a change in your habit. So, keep on adding some new ingredients in your coffee and you will be surprised by its delicious taste.
    During the Summer Season, Coffee Milkshake is the best compared to hot coffee. Just try it and feel the difference.

    Coffee Milkshake Recipe


    1 tsp of strong Coffee
    1 beaten Egg
    2 tbs of Fresh Cream
    1 litre of cold Milk
    Sugar to taste
    2 drops of Vanilla Essence


    ~ Blend all the ingredients in a mixer.

    ~ Transfer it into a jug and keep in the fridge.

    Royal Albert Canada

    It is best to be served chilled. If you want to have it right away, then add some ice cubes in it and blend along with the milk mixture. You will find that it is very tasty and you can make it in a jiffy too.

    Note: You can also top it with some colourful ice cream or cream.


    Royal Doulton Canada