• Homemade Chicken Pasta In White Sauce Recipe


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    Homemade Chicken Pasta in white sauce Recipe


    1 packet of pasta
    1 tbs of All Purpose Flour
    1 cup of Milk
    5 tbs of grated Cheese
    1 tbs of Garlic Paste
    1 tsp of Pepper Powder
    250 g of Chicken
    3 Eggs
    1 Onion chopped
    1 tbs of Butter
    Salt to taste


    ~ Boil the pasta in enough water along with a teaspoon of oil and drain out the water when it is cooked.

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    ~ Add salt, 1 teaspoon of oil and pepper, mix it well and leave aside.

    ~ Wash and cut the chicken into small cubes and fry them along with garlic paste, pepper and salt and leave them aside.

    ~ Now it is time to prepare the white sauce. Put the butter in a Wok and fry the onion till slight golden brown.

    ~ While the onion is frying, add half cup of water to the flour and mix well.

    ~ Now add the flour mixture to the fried onion and stir continuously till it becomes thick in consistency.

    ~ Add the milk, pepper powder, parsley, thyme, 2 tablespoon of cheese, beaten eggs and salt and leave to simmer for about 10 minutes in low heat.

    ~ Take out the white sauce from the stove.

    ~ Finally, put some of the pasta in a plate. Pour some of the white sauce on it, then put some of the fried chicken at the top.

    ~ Garnish with grated cheese.

    Note: You can also mix the white sauce, cheese, chicken and pasta together and serve. It depends on how you like it.

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