• Fresh Mixed Fruits Salad


    Photo Credit: Myself

    Fruits are very important for our health as they are high in fibre, water and Vitamin C. In fact, there are many ways you can consume it. You can make pies, eat them fresh, make pickles, chutneys or even salads.

    Today, I am going to share with you the recipe of Fresh Mixed Fruits Salad which I normally prepare at home. You can use any of your favourite fruits in this recipe.

    Fresh Mixed Fruits Salad


    Royal Albert Canada

    1 green Apple
    1 Pineapple
    1 raw Mango
    3 tbs of Tamarind
    1 tbs of Sugar
    1 tsp of crushed green Chillies
    Salt to taste


    ~ Wash and peel the pineapple and mango and cut them into pieces.

    ~ Wash and cut the apple lengthwise without peeling it.

    ~ Put them all into a big bowl and add tamarind, chilli paste, sugar, and salt.

    ~ Mix them well.

    ~ Leave them for 30 minutes.

    Now, it is ready to be served in small bowls.

    Royal Doulton Canada